Let’s Make Slime

There are two types of slime that can be easily made: PVA/Borax Slime or Elmer’s Glue/Borax Slime.

Ingredients for a batch of PVA based Slime
Ingredients for a batch of PVA based Slime

The PVA type is the simple form to make, but the chemicals can be hard to find. The Elmer’s Glue Type (putter’s putty) is harder to make, but the chemicals are easy to find any where and you may already have them in your home or classroom. For shows, I always use PVA because I can tint it to any color, and it has never, ever failed me. If you are a teacher & write me on school letterhead I can easily fix you up with a batch.

PVA Slime Recipe:

I use common 20 mule team borax (sodium tetra borate decahydrate) I got my 5 lb box at Meijer’s for 4 dollars. The PVA
I use is 80K-120K M.W. from Aldrich Chemical. I start by making a 4% solution of Borax, and another separate 4% solution of PVA (heat near boiling to dissolve the PVA). I then mix 5 parts PVA solution to 1 part Borax (I add color to borax before mixing), then stir.  You get instant slime, every time!

Elmer’s Glue Slime or Putters Putty:

This type of slime is a little trickier to make and you may want to test your recipe several times until you have it just the way you like. Make a 4% borax solution (add color to borax).  Make a second solution that is 50% Elmer’s glue & 50% distilled water, then mix the two solutions in 1 to 1, 2 to 1, 3 to 1 ratios, until you find the solution that that works best for you. If you have trouble please email me at doctorslime@charter.net and I’ll be glad to help out with your questions.

Try it, it is a lot of fun!


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