Please Ask Questions, It’s what Science is all about!

Q: How long have you done Dr.Slime Show’s?
A: I started it in 1990 and as long as schools call me, I’ll keep hard at it.
Q: Where do you live and work? or What is your local area?
A: Mid-Michigan, I live in Saginaw & work in the Bay City Area at Delta College for the Chemistry Dept. I consider the tri-county area (Midland, Bay & Saginaw) to be local.
Q: Are all of your Dr. Slime Science shows free?
A: I wish they all were. Until I can hook-up with a major sponsor, I have to try to get grants, single show sponsors, or charge a small fee to reflect my actual costs.
Q: Why do you do the crazy things, you do as Doctor Slime?
A: Doctor Slime isn’t crazy, he’s just mad about the fun to be found in Science. As a kid, I remember this guy who came to my school and made Science look so exciting.  I want to do that: I want to excite, educate, and entertain. I want to make a difference to a few kids out there, and maybe start the cycle all over again.
Q: What is the farthest you have traveled, to present a show as Dr.Slime.
A: 2100+ Miles, I was flown to the Pacific Science Center (PSC) in Seattle, Washington to do 10 shows in one week for them.  If you ever get out to Seattle check out the PSC, it’s cool!
Q: Do you have a day job?
A: Yes, Doctor Slime is a professional hobby of mine. I only do about 30 shows each year. The remainder of my time is spent as a Chemist/Laboratory Technician at Delta College.
Q: Are you really a Doctor?
A: Nope, it was an honorary degree conferred upon me by children. I actually am a Chemist/Secondary Educator, who wanted to work in the lab, teach kids, and do fun stuff in Science.
Q: Why is your hair green?
A: Two reasons first, because it shatters the stereotypical view one has of a chemist, and secondly because the kids told me to and they love it. In fact the kids named me, Dr. Slime.

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