About Doctor Slime

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Doctor Slime demonstrating fun with chemistry

Michael Garlick, also known as Doctor Slime, is a college chemistry educator. Mike performs as Dr. Slime, a flamboyant green haired, scientist archetype character whose performances are styled to excite, educate, & entertain.

Doctor Slime performs his program “The Magic of Chemistry” at up to 30 places each year, including at K-12 schools, directing Science Summer Camps, Mall shows, and even a regional ACS (American Chemical Society) convention.. He was invited to Seattle to perform his Dr. Slime Show for the Pacific Science Center in Seattle Washington. It’s an awesome science center equal to the one in Toronto, Canada, which is another favorite place of Dr. Slime’s.

Doctor Slime on Time Warp!
Doctor Slime on Time Warp!

In 2011 he was invited by the Discovery Channel crew to be featured as a guest on the show “Time Warp”, where he did calculations and assisted in the controlled implosion of a pop can, an oil drum, and a 4700 gallon milk tank. When asked about it, Mike said, “Frankly it was awesome, I would have done it for free!”  You can view images from the show by visiting here: Doctor Slime visits Time Warp.

Michael T. Garlick holds a Bachelors of Science in Education with Certification in Biology (DA), Chemistry (DC), and General Science (DX), and a Masters of Education and Chemical Testing. As the Chemistry Dept. Lab Manager (16yrs), Chemical Hygiene Officer (12yrs), and Science Educational Facilitator (12yrs), he serves a dynamic role here at Delta College. Mike guest lectures in the field of Health and Safety. He was instrumental in the planning and design stages of the new 25 million-dollar Science Annex at Delta College. There he assists Faculty and Staff in various testing, teaching, and training scenarios.

Mike is also an EMT and a State of Michigan approved Hazardous Materials Technician. He was a recipient of the National Organization of Science Materials Managers “Certified Science Material Manager Award.” He recently completed a few long-term research projects gathering data in the field on air-particulates (dioxins) in Midland while working for ENSR and directing a field survey on fishermen in the Saginaw Valley to help direct further dioxin studies for the MDEQ. He has worked as a research assistant at Dow Chemical in the materials development area of Ceramets under a DOD research grant. Early in his career he worked at Dow’s Central Research, as a Technician researching Ceramet Tank armors for the DOD, which are now used to protect soldiers in Iraq. The fun part of this job was shooting at your work with a 50 mm Cannon to see if it performed as expected.

His goals are to reduce waste, increase safety, cut costs, and bring more real Chemistry to any age student. If you are interested in Small Scale Chemistry training, Contact Mike @ doctorslime@charter.net or by phone at: (989) 280-6306 or (989) 781-2881. 2016 will be a busy summer with 13 events at local libraries & special events across Michigan, contact your library to see when he’ll be in your town.



One thought on “About Doctor Slime

  1. Michael would you know of anyone with an interest in purchasing a Gilbert Atomic Energy Lab U-238 ? I have pictures if you would want to see them.
    Norma Frasher


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