Floyd Elem. School Show 3-19-15 “Solids Liquids, What a Gas!”

3-19-15 Thursday Night DoctorSlime will be traveling to Floyd Elementary School to Present a STEM readiness program entitled “Solids, Liquids, what a Gas!” There he will be challenging the students to put on their thinking caps, to apply the Scientific Method, and try their Hypothesis to see if it sticks. “it’s all about the discovery process of science” quips Doctorslime, “students need to understand their is no right or wrong to a hypothesis; only the act of proving or disproving it, so the whole process is learning, and finding out more information along the way.”  “it’s a judgment free zone, its all about the observations, and the data leading to newly shaped conclusions, that change along the way!” Oh Yeah and a whole Lot of Fun Too!


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